Who me? Nah.

Jamie and I were on a walk to the local Target the other day and decided to do a shoot along the way... Here she is! I also discovered how to make a gif! What wonder and amazement.
Happy Weekend!!
xx, bits


Gif Created on Make A Gif
Gap sweater, Club Monaco skirt, Frye boots, Ray-Ban wayfarers, Vintage quilted bed jacket, Hot Leathers motorcycle jacket, Vintage raffia clutch.

Birthday Bits!!

It's my birthday and I'll post if I want to! 25. TWENTY-FIVE YEARS OLD PEOPLE! I guess I'm a woman now. Really, I think this is the only birthday I've had yet where I haven't been thrilled by it's arrival. It was a bit daunting to be honest. Actually, more than anything I've come to realize that age and birthdays ain't no thang. What's the big deal anyhow? Let go and let God. Ha.

I'll take any/all of these things for my birthday if anyone has a few extra stacks hangin' around.

x to the o, bits

      Dream cottage.

            Dream bag.

    Dream Wrists.

Dream whip.

-You can find the cottage story here, but I found it originally through Clear the Way.
-Studded purse is from Jean Paul Gaultier's Spring 2011 Couture show that I found at Style.com
-Dream wrist pic #1 I found through my baby Molly. Dream wrist pic #2 I found through bloglovin, but I can't remember who's blog! I'm sorry!
-Dream Range found at AmPm Life!

Diamonds Are Forever

Sadly, the forever beautiful and talented Elizabeth Taylor has passed today at the age of 79. Long live Miss Taylor.



fash+pho: A MIXER

Just sharing a few things from this past Fall '11 season that I haven't gotten to yet, along with some photo fun... It's a mix! Also, more from Fall twenty-eleven to come.
kiss, bits

        Armani PrivĂ© Spring Couture 2011

      Alexis Mabille Fall 2011
      Lollipop Guild turned badass anyone?? Ow, ow! I love it.

    Martin Parr's Pink Pig Cakes from 'Common Sense'

     I'm pretty sure this is Nan Goldin's 'Honeymoon Suite' from her Berlin series

     Tina Barney's 'Jill and Polly in the Bathroom,' 1987

        Long live McQueen. Alexander McQueen by Sarah Burton Fall RTW 2011
   Exploding Star


I've had it! I need a change. After too many visits to ABC Carpet & Home and too much web browsing due to lack of work (or as the kids call it,"fun-employment") I've decided my apartment is in need of a make-over. It probably won't happen until I'm back on the work horse, but give it a few and you'll see. Here are a few inspirational photos I've been collecting...

Dream apartment.

Yes, I'll take some purple carpets.

Vintage mirrors, fluffy bedding and a working fireplace in my bedroom??? A girl can only dream.

Linen pin boards and chalk boards are such a great idea! Easy to make too.

This is a DIY chair! Just wood and nails. Handsome, no? My boyfriend found it in this book that has all easy to assemble furniture in it. I'm dying to hit up home depot!

This is the color situation I have now... It's this color by day, but turns into a yellowish-green by night. Not my best color.

Here's a few paint swatches I picked up the other day... I've decided on either pure white or lamb for my living room and pink sea salt for my bedroom. The floral printed fabric was designed by my friend Ainslee. Pretty, pretty nice. Eh?

P.s. I will definitely have a before and after post for you all. Can't wait!

Happy HUMP day to all my lovies!
xx bitsy