Another shoot and this time Jamie and I are making bold moves. Everyone is craving bright colors at the moment, so why not embrace the trend and unleash the dreary winter beast that's been our ball and chain for so many months? 
Go ahead. Get the craving.

x to the o,
miss bits



The line up.
photos 1-3: h&m shorts, Aldo heels and nyc street pashmina
photos 4-5: BCBG tunic top, vintage Waves purse by Tandem Bags, Topshop skirt, Aldo heels
photos 6-7: h&m garden collection jacket, Topshop shorts and Aldo heels

Rainbow Skulls

Love this.
It's the ill-fated love child of a rainbow and an iceberg.


Aurel Schmidt is cool

This is Aurel Schmidt.

Aurel Schmidt makes some pretty cool art. I like it mainly because she always seems to surprise me. When I first saw her work I was drawn by the colors and then upon closer inspection I realized that what I thought I was looking at was not what I thought at all. Eyeballs of beer bottle caps, tears of cigarette butts, ribbons and streams of fish bones and garbage, genitals with butterfly's; it's all quite unexpected and that is what keeps me coming back. Her art is often explicitly sexual in nature, which goes hand in hand (or genital in flower) with the 'expect the unexpected' notion.  Aurel transforms our preconceptions of dirty and grotesque into beautiful, humorous and slightly eerie concoctions that you'll grow to love on second and third glaces as well.

With that said, I thought I'd share some with y'all...


Aurel Schmidt, "The Fall," 2010. pencil, colored pencil, acrylic, beer, dirt, and
blood on paper, 84 x 48 in. Via ARTINFO

Aurel Schmidt, "So Damn Pure," 2008. pencil, colored pencil, beer, blood, pepto-bismol, wine, grape crush, imodium, coffee, kool-aid, listerine, tang, comet, daiquiri mix, spit, acrylic on paper
104 x 159 in. Via tiny vices

 Aurel Schmidt, "Never Change," 2010. pencil, colored pencil, acrylic on paper
13 x 9 in Via tiny vices

Aurel Schmidt, "Peel," 2007. pencil, colored pencil, acrylic on paper
15 x 15 in. Via tiny vices

Aurel Schmidt, "Musk," 2007. pencil, colored pencil on paper
15 x 15 in. Via tiny vices


Modern Madam Mauve

This lady just really has it all. It's almost wrong, but I'm sure somehow she earned the right to own all of these beautiful things. Suzanne Rodgers is a Canadian fashion icon who apparently has the most extravagant closet next to Marie Antoinette. You know you're jealous too.
happy days.

kiss, bits


Photos via The Coveteur

Money Shot

Jamie recently bought a new camera filter called an 8 point, which claimed to give photos a shiny star effect. Naturally, when I heard the news I demanded a photo shoot and the results were so cool I had to share them. Gold, fur and the missus complete the bling filter package. Daaaamn.

xx bits

I was really into pairing a rockabilly do with my gold hoops this day. The dress is a miss bits original and everything else is vintage.