I've had it! I need a change. After too many visits to ABC Carpet & Home and too much web browsing due to lack of work (or as the kids call it,"fun-employment") I've decided my apartment is in need of a make-over. It probably won't happen until I'm back on the work horse, but give it a few and you'll see. Here are a few inspirational photos I've been collecting...

Dream apartment.

Yes, I'll take some purple carpets.

Vintage mirrors, fluffy bedding and a working fireplace in my bedroom??? A girl can only dream.

Linen pin boards and chalk boards are such a great idea! Easy to make too.

This is a DIY chair! Just wood and nails. Handsome, no? My boyfriend found it in this book that has all easy to assemble furniture in it. I'm dying to hit up home depot!

This is the color situation I have now... It's this color by day, but turns into a yellowish-green by night. Not my best color.

Here's a few paint swatches I picked up the other day... I've decided on either pure white or lamb for my living room and pink sea salt for my bedroom. The floral printed fabric was designed by my friend Ainslee. Pretty, pretty nice. Eh?

P.s. I will definitely have a before and after post for you all. Can't wait!

Happy HUMP day to all my lovies!
xx bitsy