The Moment

After a long wait we are finally ready to unveil a few photos from that shoot Jamie and I did way back when! You can see the rest of them at Jamie's shiny, new website along with a few other shoots that I've styled too.
If anyone wants to collaborate with us on some projects, we'd love to push out some more work! Models and Make up Artists are always welcome. If you have open studio space we'd love to use it.

kiss, bits

Photographs by Jamie Magnifico
Styled by me
Make up by Elizabeth Aiello

From these photos: Vintage fur stole and hat, Topshop black jumpsuit, Alexis Bittar and Cartier bangles, Topshop sheer blouse, H&M sequin mask, Zara shag vest, Sigerson Morrison gold heels, Topshop bathing suit and leggings, vintage necklaces, Christian Louboutin patent leather peep-toe heels, Coach leopard coat, vintage velvet bow, Topshop romper and sequin bra, jeans and faux fur jacket from H&M.

Valentine Wishes!

Prabal Gurung Fall RTW '11

Just a few of my favorites from this show.

Happy V day everyone!

love, bitsy


Hearts and Arrows

 Valentines Day has always remained (for the most part) a holiday that I could live without, nevertheless I always like to take the opportunity to celebrate when I can. Although I am currently spoken for (you men), I'd like to think that I would partake in the holiday with my friends and family regardless. So with the infamous holiday approaching I thought I'd throw in some of my own Valentine's two cents.

No.1 The valentine

Kitschy vintage valentines are my favorite, but they could never outshine a homemade valentine. 

Note #1: Hallmark is never the answer... unless you're being ironic, then it's funny.

 No.2 The flowers
Flowers are cool, but terrariums are cooler. I got these images from Twig, a Brooklyn based company that specializes in the assembly of little worlds in antique jars. 
Note #2: If you are going to give your honey flowers for the occasion, take them out of the plastic! It cheapens the flowers. While we're at it no baby's breath or ferns either. Out, out.

No.3 The date
You can't beat going out to dinner. An indoor picnic may be nice, but it does require clean-up. This restaurant, Grand Ticino, was featured a lot in the movie Moonstruck (one of my favorite, favorite movies) with Cher and Nicholas Cage. The boyfriend and I were planning on going here for our date this year, but much to our dismay the restaurant had closed in 2001! I guess they weren't taking any reservations...

No.4 The spirits
Class it up with champagne! Je préfère Moët ou Veuve Clicquot.

 No.5 The treat
Yes, PLEASE. Who doesn't want to eat their Valentines gifts? I thought all of these macarons looked amazingly scrumptious. Peanut butter, pistachio, creme brulee... Eat your heart out lovers.

No.6 The rock 

What kind of girl would refuse a little jewelery on honey hearts day? I say good madam, not I. I actually found this ring on another blog that I like to read called BLEACHBLACK, but you can purchase it at Planet Blue and it's fairly inexpensive too! So if you're the kind of girl who doesn't need a man to treat her on Vee-day, perhaps you can treat yourself.

No.7 The V
Now girls we mustn't forget what the holiday really boils down to... and that's why a little place called Agent Provocateur exists. Those red sequin pasties would melt any man's heart!

Happy Valentine's to Singles and Plurals alike!
kiss, bits

Hit The Wall

Yup, we're at it again! The brotha+sistah duo from the Greene is back and ready for more. I realize our outfits aren't completely cohesive as a story, but we set out on a mission to take photos and that's what I've got to bring to the table today.
Have a great week! Fashion Week!!!
smooch, bits

Gotta Get Some Love!

After much consideration on how to make Miss Bits more accessible to the people, I decided to join Bloglovin! It's an easier way for everyone to keep track of their favorite blogs. Follow me! Like me! Blog-love me!

cha cha cha!

I know this video has been hitting all the fashion blogs as of late, but I can't get enough of it! It's Prada's new campaign for Spring/Summer 2011 and it reminds me so much of all those amazing Vogue covers from the twenties. To top it off the music for the video is by Ratatat! Whoop!