Hello Brave World!

My name is Bri, but you can call me Bits, Miss Bits if you're nasty. Welcome to my blog! Here is a festive place where dreams are made and delivered by Yours Truly. The plan of action includes the creation of at least one beautiful item per week (depending on difficulty & money of course). My interests generally include: fashion (and everything involving it), making beautiful things, cooking delicious food and... You! I style photo shoots with my brother Jamie and I design as much as possible, all the while working in a small boutique in Soho, interning and living in Brooklyn.

If you wanted to dive a little deeper into the personal well of miss bits, you'd mostly find I'm just a 24 year old country bumpkin from Vermont trying to build herself a little nest in the Big City. My style could be described as: rustic-ethnic, with a-lotta frill and a little thug. I like to keep my options open though, you know? Never say never.

Anyway, I hope we're in it for the long-haul together... It was very nice to make your acquaintance.