The Outing Club

Ah! It's a new year and again I have taken way too long to post. New Year's resolution? To keep procrastination at a minimum. Okay, okay and maybe hit the gym like my mama done said. Not that I really believe in resolutions, I like to look at the New Year more as more of a fresh start rather than a wish list of things I'll say I'll do and never realistically accomplish. What I'm really aiming for is more photo shoots, to get my ass back on that sewing machine and maintain a happy, healthy attitude. That seems reasonable, right? With all of that said, here is a little shoot I did yesterday with my brother... I hope you like it!
Happy New Year!
love, bits




 Photos taken my Me and edited by Jamie Magnifico

Polo by Ralph Lauren vest, Madison Park Collective pants, cashmere sweater by Vince, Moncler man mittens, Gap scarf and Banana Republic hat.